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Tracing 2.0 and Tracing

How might we understand movement and migration as a human and nonhuman activity? Are there new borders that emerge when nonhumans are taken into account? This interactive installation is the result of collaboration between Jennifer Gabrys, Director of the Citizen Sense research project at Goldsmiths College, and Finnish artist, Antti Tenetz, whose work captures the movements of animals in the Arctic. Tracing 2.0 moves from the Arctic to London to capture, represent and recreate movements and movement data across humans and nonhumans as they respond to their environments. More information is available

Tate Exchange from 14-19 March.

Collaboration with Dr Jennifer Gabrys and and Citizen Sensing project commissioned by the Tate Associates for Who Are We? project at Tate Exchange,Tate Modern


Leviathan Venice

On the occasion of Jump into the Unknown, a collateral event on last week of the 56th Biennale di Venezia, organised by Nine Dragon Heads, Interacitve video work about monster of Lagoon, Environmental change, Cruisers and old local stories merging data from local twitter feeds. , Venice 2015


On the occasion of Jump into the Unknown, a collateral event of the 56th Biennale di Venezia, organised by Nine Dragon Heads, A series of fast public surveillance performances will target high visibility areas across Venice. Collaboration with Harold de Bree, Mike Watson, Artist Collaboration

JÄLESTÄÄ - TRACING href="">intermedia work

Distant Yet Connected at 643 A Project Space Opening Reception: Friday, April 3 6-9 PM Show dates: April 3 - April 30, 2015 643 A Project Space

Oulu Art Museum, Oulu, January 23th - Checkpoint Leonardo exhibition postcard-from-finland

BANG#BANG Kemi Art Museum 2013-2014

BODY OF WATER/ Jaakko Mattila & Antti Tenetz


55th Venice Biennale, Maldivian pavillion, Gervasuti Foundation, November 18-24th

Five Years, London, November 26th-1st december




Antti Tenetz is equal parts artist and naturalist. He has worked and filmed throughout the North, from the Ice Sea to Siberia, and as far south as South Thailand. His works are at the crossroads of media-, bio- and urban arts with strong current of Interdisciplinary Sci/Art approach. In his works he combines mediums ranging from various tehcnnological platforms and materials to living nature. Tenetz has contributed exhibition designs, multimedia and documentaries to science and art exhibitions ranging in subject from arctic reindeer herders to interactive cityscapes. He is also actively participating as Vj in urban arts events. He has been Chair of Finish Bioart Society 2010-2013 and is currently Vice Chair. The work he is doing about the wild nature human and non-human relations goes far beyond all the usual clichés and the "green-hype" movement. Tenetz has been curating and part of curatorial teams in Saareen exhibition 2010-, Art/HENVi 2011, Pohjavirta-Finish Culture Foundation Pohjois-Pohjanmaan rahasto 2013-2015. His works have exhibited widely including Science Gallery, Dublin, Thessaloniki Contemporary art museum of Greece 2009, Academy of Fine Arts Katowice 2009 (e-mobilart program), Tromsø Kunstforening 2010, Murmansk Art Museum 2010, Oulu Art museum 2012-2013 (Lumipalloefekti Biennale), Severomorsk, Lulueå and Rovaniemi 2013 (XBORDER exhibition),Venice Biennale Maledivian Pavillion 2013 (Body of Water with Jaakko Mattila), Five Years Gallery London 2013,Group exhibition Bang#Bang Kemi Art Museum 2013-2014 and Checkpoint Leonardo, Oulu art Museum 2015.


Taiteellinen kenttätyöskentely tee-se-itse teknologioiden ja takstisen mediataiteen risteyksessä

Karttojen voima – autoritaarisesta mediasta julkiseksi ja avoimeksi mediaksi-artikkeli Arktiset Tulet Lay ja Tokem 2013



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